By purchasing, you are donating to the environment
By purchasing an Pavicico toothbrush, you are donating 10% of the profit value to ecological organizations. Your donation will contribute to a cleaner environment by supporting ecological campaigns and organizations throughout Europe.

The product is safe in contact with food and drink
The official certificate indicates that the equa bottle is made of “food contact materials”, which means that the liquids will not be contaminated when stored in the EQUA bottle. The product is safe for use and good for your health.

Eastman Tritan
The pavicico bamboo toothbrushs are made from a top quality material known as Eastman Tritan – amorphous copolyester that is derived from vegetable based sources. Bamboo toothbrush is a product of an American company and its characteristics are excellent clarity, strength, hydrolytic stability and chemical resistance. It is biodegradable and safe for your health.

Designed in Slovenia
All bamboo toothbrush products including BPA free bottles are designed in Slovenia, EU.

Reduce, reuse and recycle
The certificate indicates that the bottle is suitable for multiple uses and recycling. If you reuse the Pavicico toothbrush you are helping to reduce the production and use of ordinary plastic bottles. Pavicico toothbrush is made from organic material, suitable for recycling and incineration, which does not emit any toxic gases into the environment.

Dishwasher safe
The Pavicico BPA free bamboo toothbrush can not be washed in a dishwasher because detergent can harm the printed design and the lid.

Clean tap water is in most European countries available in almost every household
For the production, transport and storing of regular plastic bottles unnecessary emissions are released. These emissions are harmful to the environment and consequently also for our health. Pavicico offers you an alternative. The supply of tap water does not produce extra emissions; therefore consuming tap water is the best an ecological solution.

Our product does not contain harmful BPA
Bisphenol A (otherwise called BPA) is a dangerous chemical found widely in consumer products especially in single-use water bottles. BPA hardens plastic and diffuses into the liquid content. It can cause changes that result in breast cancer, allergies and hormonal disorders. The certification, “BPA free”, indicates that the Pavicico bamboo toothbrush does not contain this toxic chemical and that they are safe for your health.

Download Pavicico free bpa test report