Bamboo toothbrush



There are approximately 3.5 billion toothbrushes used annually across the world and the vast majority of them are plastic, meaning they hang around for centuries. Strange to think the first ever plastic toothbrush is probably sat in a long forgotten waste tip somewhere waiting for a future equivalent of the fictional rubbish robot, Wall-E to discover it again.

We didn’t want to chew sticks or lose our teeth before we were 40, so we went looking for plastic-free toothbrushes for ourselves we found there were a few out there, but some of them made imaginative claims on compostability etc. We sought an alternative to nylon bristles, but we found the alternatives were either not what they said they were (still plastic or not as compostable as claimed), rubbish at cleaning our teeth or had ethical issues in their manufacture. We are going to keep looking, but unless it works, we won’t use it.

We also found the packaging was not always ideal, with plastic coated cardboard or even a bamboo toothbrush in a plastic blister pack (seriously). So we went with a bamboo brush, because bamboo grows very fast and requires less in the way of chemicals or water than any comparable material.